Morajo nourishing cleansing creme -$29

Welcome back, guys! I'm here today with probably the best shampoo known to man (besides Bumble & Bumble's thickening shampoo). Anyways... I got this shampoo in gratis from Sephora. I honestly had no idea what this even was and had not a clue that we even carried it. Oops. So one day the brand representative walked into the store and asked to train me on their line so I could sell it to clients. Turns out, they're a fairly new brand and our store had just picked it up, hence why I had never even seen or heard about it. But now I'm glad we did. For those of you who do not know, I have suuuuper wavy hair and it is somewhat thick, my curl pattern is god awful so I normally keep it blown out and semi-straight. When the rep asked me what my hair was naturally like, I told her how I hated my curl pattern and she proceeded to explain how this would change it completely. I actually rolled my eyes in my head, thinking there is no way, I have tried nearly everything, nothing has done it. She then had me smell the products (I'm really big into scents by the way, it will make or break it for me) and I fell in love! When I walk past the end cap at my store, where we sell this, I have to stop and smell it. Every single time. It smells somewhat tropical and it isn't too overwhelming. It sat in my shower for like 2 weeks, I never used it and one day I decided to give it a chance. I am SO glad that I did. It actually changed my curl pattern, made it thicker, gave me volume without the weight, smelled amazing and super glossy. I felt like I was in one of those hair commercials, you know, the ones where they have perfect hair lol. I highly recommend this to anyone. No matter your hair type! Straight, wavy, curly, coiled, tightly-coiled, ANYONE. I seriously have to get my hands on the rest of this damn line ASAP!

Fenty Beauty pro filt’r foundation- $34

Okay... This has been highly requested like C R A Z Y. So many of you have asked me what I think about Fenty Beauty! When Rhianna first launched Fenty Beauty, the whole world went crazy (still is) over numerous reasons such as the extensive shade range for literally everyone and the super low price point throughout the whole line. As for the foundation, there truly isn't anything like it on the market, at all. First of all, it is a soft matte finish that actually looks like you are a walking filter, giving the illusion of perfect skin. I mean, isn't that what we all want? Yes it is a medium to full coverage foundation, but its completely as light as air, leaving your skin feeling weightless. If you are just in the mood for super light coverage, you can use less product or you can mix it with your moisturizer for a more luminous finish. Not only can you use it for just face, but you can use it on body too, well... if you're that extra and feel like going the extra mile. I wish that the majority of the shades weren't sold out! If you guys are every in a Sephora, you HAVE to stop and get this foundation. It is an absolute must have whether it's for your personal use or if you are a makeup artist like myself. 

Coty airspun translucent powder - $6

I'm back! I've been so busy working on opening my new studio space in downtown, Calhoun! I can not wait for it to be complete and for you guys to see what else that I have in store for 2017. Anyways, lets get down to the nitty gritty with this new review. About a year or two ago, I was grocery shopping and was like, oh... there's makeup here, lets scope it out, who knows what I will find. Best decision ever!!! I am so damn glad that I found this gem! If you are a makeup lover like me, you'll fall in love with this product. It is a perfect dupe for the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder! You can use this for numerous things such as setting just under the eye or around the nose or even as an all over face powder and it smells good too. Who would rather spend $6 vs. $38? Raise your hand! I know I would! Not only are these loose powders translucent, but they actually make some that have color to them, so make sure you read the packaging before snatching this up at your local Walmart. Oh!!! Here is a tip for using any loose setting powder... apply it with a damp beauty blender. It will allow the product to look like actual skin an d never cakey or dry. 

Becca the one perfecting brush - $49


Hello! I'm back again and doing better than ever. Today, I have the best and most simple brush probably ever made. This brush is strange but yet SUPER easy to use. If you've ever had your makeup done by me, theres a 99.9% chance you have either seen me use this or have talked to you about it like crazy. I purchased mine about 2-3 years ago and it has not shed any bristles at all (or that I have noticed at least.) Okay, for those of you who haven't had makeup done by me, you are all probably saying to yourself  "Shut up, Blake. Just tell me what it is for already!" That's just it. It is for EVERYTHING, literally. It is a true multitasker. I use it to apply foundation, powder, primer, etc. But my favorite thing to do with this brush is contouring. A lot of my clients are mothers and they're constantly on the go and never have time for makeup. I always introduce them to this amazing, patent-pending tool because it cuts their routine in half! Even my best friend, Chandler, is a single mom and is constantly on the move. Whenever I showed her this brush, she immediately purchased it because it was just perfect all around and saves her so much time getting ready. I even have one for my personal makeup collection (that i don't use on clients) and it is a staple in my daily routine. 

Stila magnificent metals glitter & glow liquid eye shadow - $24

Hola, Amigos! I apologize for not being updated on here lately. I have had SO much going on, such as starting my new job at Sephora at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta! So stop by to see me and get a makeover! Oh, and I just got back from the best vacation ever in Cancun, Mexico! Anyways, enough babbling about me, lets get to this review. These are like heaven! I love them so dang much. What on earth did I do before these babies were even a thing?! Yeah, they are a liquid glitter. Sounds sorta odd and difficult to use but it is actually the opposite of that by all means. The wand that helps you apply the product is soft and distributes it evenly across wherever you want to use it. I have actually used it on not only eyes, but on lips for a metallic finish. If you hold the wand on the thin side, you can apply it s if it is eyeliner. If you hold it flat, then you can apply this BOMB ass glitter all over your eyelid or wherever else you want it. They are actually buildable too, so you can apply multiple layers. Depending on how intense you want to shine like a diamond. There is THIRTEEN shades of these and you already know that they are all in my kit! Who doesn't love glitter, am I right?!

Morphe M535 defined deluxe blender eyeshadow brush -$5.99


Welcome back! Today I am sharing with you, the number one brush that EVERYONE should have in their makeup kit, whether you are a makeup artist or just do makeup on yourself. I've been seeing eyeshadow that is unblended like crazy lately and I just cringe. And by "unblended," I mean, if you have a harsh line with your eyeshadow. I know there "isn't any rules in makeup" ... but there actually are a few, I will list some later, but for now I'll just touch on just this one. When doing eyeshadow, you never want a harsh line. You always want it to blend seamlessly. This brush is by far the best one that I have ever used for blending eyeshadow on my clients! I have 5 or 6 I believe lol. Addiction at it's finest, I guess. Always start with lighter shades and then go darker, bending in between shades. By the way, Morphe brushes are by far my favorite that I have ever used. They are SO damn affordable and professional quality. Also, they have coupon codes! I use "MANNYMUA" for 10% off! Trust me, you can thank me later with this tip! Share this to save a life! 

Huda Beauty textured shadows palette rose gold edition - $65

Hey, y'all! I know that I have slacked a little on the reviews, but I am just SO busy. I have had so much going on lately! You'll see soon enough, the anticipation is seriously killing me! Anyways, back to this review. Ever since I started this blog, all I have done is positive reviews, no bad ones. I'm actually a really positive person and hate negativity. BUT this palette is where I'll change that, at least just for this. Never have I ever said "oh, I hate that." However, I will say that I do NOT like this palette... Yes, I've used it numerous times and gave it a shot but it simply isn't worth the price at all. I mean, lets be real. $65 USD is outrageous for an eyeshadow palette. If you have ever had your makeup done by me, you know that I am really big into the formulas of a product, especially eyeshadow and foundation. The formula on this palette in particular is very poor... heartbreaking. The 10 matte shadows are super hard to blend (you don't want to have any harsh lines at all in makeup, especially with eyeshadow! Not only are they hard to blend, but they are really chalky. Now whenever it comes to the 7 textured shadows, EW. They are so damn complicated to use. Don't get me wrong, watching them on your hand, they are stunning. But once you use them on your eyes, you'll regret it and want to start over. You can not use a brush to pick the shadow up with whatsoever. You must use a finger and it is so difficult to use. The only shadow that was actually worth is was " Moon Dust" and it is the perfect shade for an inner corner highlight or even under the brow bone... That is ONE shadow out of the EIGHTEEN. Anyways, I ended up returning this palette. Sorry for the negativity! 

L'oreal infallible pro matte foundation - $12.99


Hey, it's Blake Johnson and welcome to your tape. No I'm totally kidding... I've been watching  "13 Reasons Why" and I'm actually obsessed. Anyways, back to what actually matters and why you are all reading my blog today. I'm really trying to incorporate some drugstore products for you guys, especially since not everyone can afford high end items. This is one of my favorite foundations in the entire world, literally. It is for sure a staple in not only my personal makeup kit but also in my kit that I use on clients. The finish is a "pro-matte" which means that it isn't a complete matte, but it is more of a demi-matte. It's super light weight and covers discoloration, acne scars, dark circles, etc. Oh! And  the coverage is buildable and there isn't any flashback when taking photos! This foundation can be found nearly anywhere! I LOVE THIS STUFF! *insert a million heart eye emojis here lol*

Kylie Cosmetics x kim kardashian west creme liquid lipstick -$45 

Damn Blake, back at it again with the product review! I literally just got this beauty in the mail this morning. You know the feeling that you get when you order something online and you're dying for it to hurry and get in your hands? Yeah, I for sure had this feeling while waiting for these lipsticks! I've been playing with them all day long and I already love them. As you can tell, there are 4 different shades, each of them being nude. The first is Kimmie, a deep nude. Second, Kiki, which is a pinky nude. Third, Kim, a peachy nude. And lastly, my favorite, Kimberly, a true nude! All of the shades are absolutely stunning, don't get me wrong but Kimberly has my heart throbbing! Also, the formula of this liquid lipstick collaboration between the two half-sisters, is completely new to Kylie Cosmetics. Instead of them being a matte liquid lipstick, they're what Kylie and Kim call "creme" which is very comfortable. It is sorta like a cross between a gloss and a regular lipstick. Unlike Kylie's original formula, the matte liquid lipsticks (which smell like vanilla), these do NOT smell at all, which is a little strange. But I'm not complaining... the scent from the original was slightly overwhelming. Do I think this formula is long wearing? Eh.... not too long wearing, maybe a couple of hours but you will for sure have to reapply it. As you guys all know, I am a sucker for cute packaging and branding. Hence another reason as to why I absolutely HAD to have these! Good Job, KKW & Kylie Cosmetics! 

Sephora Collection perfection mist airbrush foundation - $28


Hey guys! I'm back again with another product review! I know that I've only shared things that I absolutely love thus far... but I can't help it. There is just so many things that I feel as if you are all missing out on that are a staple in my makeup kit. Just wait a liiiiittle longer and I'll have a true "miss" of a product coming soon. Anyways, back to the real reason why you've visited my website/blog. This foundation is a MUST HAVE in my makeup kit that I use on clients as well as my personal kit. It is actually very long lasting, light weight and buildable. I have used this for the longest time. Honestly, this as my first "non-drugstore" makeup purchase. If you are a makeup fanatic like me, you already know about a product that is very similar to this one, the Dior Airflash Foundation ($62)... This is literally a fraction of the price and is in my opinion, better! You can apply this product in many ways. Two of my personal favorite are 1) spraying it on a flat top brush and dabbing it onto my face or 2) spraying it a couple of inches away from your face/neck. I feel like spraying it directly onto your face gives it a more flawless finish as if it is actual airbrush foundation, but you have to blend it out further using a damp beauty blender. But applying it with a flat top brush, allows more control as to where you want the most coverage. Let me know what other products you want to see me review! Until next time!. ;) 

NARS Velvet lip glide - $26


This is my third blog or product review, whichever you may call it! I'm trying to do one a week, should I do more? If so, tell me what you want to see! Anyways... back to what actually matters! THIS LIPSTICK! I'm literally obsessed with these Velvet Lip Glide's from NARS Cosmetics! The formula is so moisturizing and not too thick but not too thin. Surprisingly, they're just right. I am actually obsessed! They're supposed to be like a liquid lipstick except they don't dry down like one, but still super long wearing.  If you have had your makeup done by me recently, more than likely, I have used these lipsticks on you. I believe there is about 8 shades of these lipsticks that are the bomb dot com... NARS... I NEED MORE SHADES! HELP A BROTHER OUT! Also, I'll have a TON of these in stock for Prom on Saturday, April 22nd!!! Grab them while you can! These are one of the best lip products I have ever used!

Maybelline Fit me Concealer - $6.49


Hey, guys! I know that last weeks review was on a high-end item, but this weeks review is A LOT cheaper. In fact, it's actually drugstore... with that being said, it's easy to find and it's super affordable. I've actually been using this for about 2, maybe 3 years! If you've ever had your makeup done by me or taken a look inside my makeup kit, you've for sure seen me use. The purpose of this concealer is to obviously conceal any imperfections such as a blemish, acne scars, dark circles, etc. I also use these to cream contour! It is a very light weight, natural looking concealer, but it is still medium coverage. If you are like me, you want a fuller coverage concealer... good news! This is buildable coverage! *insert heart eye emoji here* Also, more good news is that this is a DUPE for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30) which is another one of my favorites. Both of them are an absolute staple in my kit! I love this product, but the only downfall is the shade range................. they only have 6 shades. BRB i'm crying. Not really, but I do wish they had more shades! Fix this, Maybelline! 

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation - $64


 So, this is my very first product review.... or at least for my website. With that being said, I figured that I would start with something that I absolutely L O V E! This is the Giorgio Armani power fabric foundation. I picked this up at the Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia. I know... whenever you hear "Saks Fifth Avenue," you think to yourself... "yeah, no. that's too expensive!" But actually, the price for this foundation is totally worth it ($64 USD). Don't get me wrong, that is a steep price but once you try this, you will not want to try anything else. The product is a sister of another foundation by Armani, the famous Luminous Silk foundation, which is amazing too. They're both very luminous but the power fabric has AMAZING coverage, hence why the packaging says "long wear high cover foundation"! It even covered my dark circles under my eyes that just so happen to look like the night sky. A little goes a long way, plus it has SPF 25! I will forever love this... it may even be my favorite foundation ever!